Evaluations are assessing if your projects, strategies or programmes are developing and achieving the results as planned. Your future projects will profit from lessons learnt from evaluations as part of a systematic quality assurance.

You are defining the goals against which your projects are assessed. The evaluation will then measure process and results according to international standardized evaluation criteria. Project staff and target groups will be actively involved in the evaluation process to generate knowledge and to facilitate high ownership of the results.

I support you by

  • Advice and methodological supervision of internal project evaluations/ self evaluations¬† (for example development of evaluation design, testing of questionnaires or interview guidelines)
  • Regular monitoring of projects (for example systematic surveys of target groups with a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods, facilitation of workshops)
  • Project and programme evaluations (assessment according to DAC criteria, synthesis of results, facilitation of workshops, formulation of recommendations for future projects)
  • Process facilitation and methodological quality assurance of evaluation design and evaluation reports
  • Capacity-building in evaluation through training