Your concerns are in the center of my work. I adapt to your specific project situation and your needs with high flexibility and great empathy.

Solutions are thereby not out-of-the-box but will be developed together with your project team. This ensures a high acceptance and a sustainable transfer of results into day-to-day work.

Motivation and enthusiasm within the project team are important preconditions for successful project management. In my training courses I am stimulating the initiative of individuals to develop creative solutions in group processes which are supported by all.

Basis of all my interventions is a spirit of appreciation for all involved parties. Built on this, it is possible to strike new paths regarding cooperation, decision-making and conflict solution.

Professional competence, reliability and flexibility are self-evident for me and my contribution for a relaxed project day-to-day work in your company. Ethical behaviour is indispensable in my self-concept as an evaluator.